IS0/DL8JJ/M Sardnia DXpedition
06.09.2011 - 19.09.2011
The spot is most important think to have a booming signal worldwide!

  • KW TS-480SAT 100W
  • MFJ 902
  • ANT: G5RV 40m bis 10m mit Balun
  • Notebook Dell Latitude E6400
  • Software: N1MM
  • Morsetaste Scheunemann / Code Cube Portable key
  • Heil Pro Micro Dual Sprechgarnitur
  • RG-85 - 4m lang
  • 6m portable tower
  • Diverses
  • QSL Print by Tony - LZ1JZ.
  • All QSOs are confirmed via Buro / direct already.
  • TNX for QSOs. PSE QSL.

  • Total of 1630 QSOs worldwide (62 DXCC)
  • 30 hours in total QRV time.

This is my shack, my air condition, the hotel for me and my family ,
my generator 20A/100W for HAM activity and playground for my daughter.

I mean, All in one - All inclusive!

Firs spot - Cala Gonone, about 800 mtrs. over the sea level.

Second spot - Baunei, about 1000 mtrs. over the sea level.

Third spot - 20 mtrs. from the wather.

My daughter (4 years old) was made the first lead climbing
"Picacho" 3b route in Cala Gonone on 08.09.2011.

The first 3 hours hiking Cala Gonone - Cala di Luna.
She done it!

Climb a beautiful route directly over the sea.

My daughter has tried them as well. It was very nice feeling to experience it.

Try a very hard 7c+ route in Capo Casia first in tope rope.
After that done it in free!

The family - we are an unbeatable team.

They must carry their own climbing matters and toys.

The last spot - Capo Casia about 150 mtrs. over the see level.

It was a dream, and i love to experience my dreams.

See you on the next spot very soon - rock and log.