SOTA - DL8JJ - Programm

16.07.2011 / 17.07.2011 SOTA DM/HE-033
FIRST&Extrem activation the of "Eckweisbacher Kuppe": 6 Points - CW, SSB 80m, 40m, 20m.
All QSOs are uploaded to the server already.
  • KW TS-480SAT 100W
  • UKW FT-60E
  • MFJ 902
  • ANT: G5RV 80m bis 10m mit Balun
  • Portable Spieth Mast - 7m
  • 3 Blei-Akkus mit insgesamt 180 A/h
  • Notebook Dell Latitude E6400 mit 4 Big-Akkus
  • Software: N1MM, HamOffice 4
  • Morsetaste Scheunemann / Code Cube Portable key
  • Heil Pro Micro Dual Sprechgarnitur
  • RG-85 - 7m lang
  • Diverses
  • Zelt - 2 Mann
  • 2 Schlafsäcke
  • 2 Isomatten
  • 2 LED Stirnlampen
  • Proviant für 2 Tage / 2 Personen.
Insgesamt  ca. 120 kg. müssen ca. 1 km bis zum Gipfel getragen werden.
A total of 120 kg. must be taken approximately 1 km to the summit.
  • Total of 470 QSOs worldwide, max. 4 QSOs per min. in CW
  • TNX for QSOs!

That's the top.

The gear.
My wife and I eat well in Eckweisbach Village before we start the adventure life.

Good night and good luck tomorow.
Good morning my dear, have you slept well!? the car!

Good morning starshine.

Motivation, strong sake, strong legs and know how must be taken

Is a task to be crazy? No, this is the real life.

The Summit of "Eckweisbacher Kuppe", 643 m,
The first lead battery is on the summit!

Wellcome home for the next 24 hours

G5RV on the trees

The best support for the cable

 Our 5-Star hotel has to have everything

The shack in work out

The POWER!!!

The shack is ready...
              A little rest before the summit activation.

Keep the Pile Up - while in pain in knees after 12 hours of hard work...

Night dreams and reality!

In action...

Done it! tired and happy...

Power for next SOTA - Extrem Adventure.