I'm EMIL- Emil Bergmann (ex. Kostadinov)

Yes, that's I am 1988.
Dipl.-Ing. Nachrichtentechnik, Studium FH Dieburg, Deutschland
Dipl.-Ing. Radio- und Fernsehtechnik, Studium Sofia, Bulgarien
Netzwerk Ingenieur bei Controlware GmbH, Dietzenbach

I was born in Bulgaria on June 30, 1969. I received my German callsign DL8JJ in April 2002 (extra-class). I have started with HAM Radio since i was 14't Years old. When i was 18, i take the first place in speed CW in a "CW military competition" in Bulgaria.
Outher Callsign's:

LZ2KPL - first callsight as Club station: All equpment was home made. ONLY CW with separated RX / TX RIG's.
LZ2EN - ince 1989 as personal callsight (also extra class),
DL5FDN- (1995-1997) when I was student in FH Dieburg, Germany.

My first comercial shack with FT-757GX2  in 1993

Picture of our Clubstation round 1984.
Left site is Dobry LZ2TU

This is a military Russia-RX "Volna K". It was very interesting to make a QSO's with, but it was workedand every contact was very special thing.

Our HAM RADIO Club LZ2KPL in 1986.
Right site is the Kuzman Kurmanov, our long-time chairman in the club.

Our HAM RADIO Club LZ2KPL in 1986.

I studied at the Technical University in Sofia first and derafter i was study in Germany at the Fachhochschule Dieburg. Now I am Diplom Ingeneur for Telecommunicatinsystem an Radio and TV. I work as network Ingeneur at the Controlware GmbH Company in Dietzenbach, Germany. I have a scientific degree in computer technologies and up-to-date Network database systems. I leave in Dreieich-Dreieichenhain. This is 15 km from Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt is a big and beautiful city. It's a highly developed one. The population of the city is about 1.3 million people. My hobby is HAM RADIO and FREE CLIMBING - I’m greatly fond of it.
Due to radio and mountaniering I've got a lot of friends all over the world.

 I'm Mountain Guide and i was organise a
Mount Everest international Expedition 2002.

I was climbed tree Times Eiger-Northwall, also I was on El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite and many more big and dificult walls in the world.

I'm also mountain guide in Hauser-Exkursionen GmbH in Muenchen and trip all over the world as mountan guide.

My dear friends, I wish you strong health, good luck, inspiration in work and having a nice leisure time.
See you later...down the LOG or on the ROCK!!!