I love CW and QRQ

I started at age of 14'th and when i was 18, i take the first place in  "CW - speed military competition" with 32 WpM - 1988 in Bulgaria.

I use four languages for CW chat transmission - Bulgarian, English, Russian and German.

German language is not my mother language, but I like send on it in order to improve my  QRQ - GERMAN - CW - SKILLS.
I'm German-QRQ-CW freak!
I have  desire to improve myself over the time on this CW foreign language. I't not easy, but they are the fun.

Why i want to do that?

Because i love CW, because i love the music of CW and this is one of the next steps to make me a better operatior and have more fun, when i spend time in my shack. This is a story like climbing, the desire to be better than yourself.
When i can climb a rock with a degree of difficulty, I'm happy and after that want to try another one - but harder. This is the human evolution.
That's great!

# 407
The Radio Telegraphy Very High Speed Club
My SHSC sponsors:

DL6LBI       VHSC # 380
DL3MCO    VHSC # 255
LZ2TU         VHSC # 298
LZ2JE         VHSC # 304
LZ1AZ         VHSC # 149
# 179
The Radio Telegraphy Super High Speed Club
My SHSC sponsors:

DL4FDM    SHSC # 30
LZ2TU        SHSC # 123
LZ1JZ         SHSC # 145
# 1891
The Radio Telegraphy  High Speed Club
My SHSC sponsors:

LZ2JE       #1063 HSC
DL7GR     #203 HSC
DL7DO     #280
DL3ZI        #229 HSC
DL3AMB  #1082 HSC
# 111
The Radio Telegraphy Extrem High Speed Club
My EHSC sponsors:

DK9FE     EHSC # 43
LZ2RS      EHSC # 21
LZ1JZ       EHSC # 84
DL8JJ keys:

Sculpture Janus
my current paddle since 07/2017

Scheunemann Einhebel 2
my current paddle for DXpeditions

Homebrew 2011 from knife.
my current paddle (a realy racer)

From time to time i love use it this key. Made in Bulgaria.
up to 125 BPM are not Problem.

I was made it, when i was 16 years old.
used until 2010. already  sold
Mario, de DK5VQ is the new owner:

HSC-Diplom party with DL7GR, his XYL,
I-DL8JJ, my daugther and my XYL.

DL3ZI - Manfred. Finally, on 03.03.2013, we have come to know uspersonally in Giessen.