Saint Marcouf island - IOTA most wanted EU-081 IN99KL
05.07.2015 - 09.07.2015
Group Name: Basse-Normandie (Manche East) Region group
Location: 49.37N - 49.83N / 1.1W - 1.97W


DF6ZY - Heinz, DG4FBC - Klaus, DL2VFR - Ric, Barbara Molinari, Hubert Potthoff

Equipment: abt. 1300 kg
First DX-pedition with Flex Signature Radio 6300. See, klick and work the Pile-Up with highest topscore!

  • Flex-6300 (main RIG)
  • Kenwood TS-480SAT (standby)
  • Elecraft KX3 with 60Ah  (standby)
  • Acom 1011
  • Arlan Radiosport RS60CF headset with M350-ADJ Electret Mic (for SSB) against the loud noise of the choral seagulls
  • Bose QuierComfort  25 (for CW) Noise Cancelling headphones against the loud noise of the choral seagulls
  • LowBand Dipol 2x27m with Palstar BT-1500A
  • G3TXQ Ultra lightweight portable Hexbeam
  • 12 mtrs portable tower
  • Generator Einhell 2500
  • Honda EX7 (standby)
  • 120 Ltr. petrol
  • 3 Notebooks
  • N1MM Plus Software
  • FLDigi
  • K1EL keyer
  • Scheunemann single DX-pedition light paddle
  • Technical tools
  • Provisions to survive one week on the island
QSL informations:
I will confirm ALL QSOs. Tony, LZ1JZ will be print and send to all QSOs QSL card.
ARRL LoTW already uploaded.
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Great thaks to Hugues DUPUY - President of the "Les amis de I'ile du Large Saint Marcouf" organisation.
I will appreciate, if you send small donation to the "Les amis de I'ile du Large Saint Marcouf"- organisation. Thanks!

I want you in my log, so please help me by following these guidelines:
  • If you cannot hear me– please don’t call. Wait until propagation and conditions favor your QTH for one or more of the Bands / Modes.
  • Unless you hear otherwise from me, I will ALWAYS be operating in SPLIT MODE throughout the DXpedition. All splits will be in the "normal" ranges, e.g. up 1-5 for CW, 5-10 for SSB.
  • During SSB pileups, please use common phonetics, do NOT call continually without listening or call over a station being worked.
  • During ALL pileups, listen for YOUR call on the comeback.
  • I'm not impressed by those who add to the QRM by constantly calling out of turn.
  • Please do not Tune Up on any of our TX frequencies or any of my RX slots.
  • Resist those “insurance” QSOs. I want to maximize unique QSOs, not Dupes.

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